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We are a mid-size steel detailing firm on a mission to revolutionize the structural steel industry through innovative and automated solutions. This mission takes root in our unwavering commitment to two things: outstanding professional performance and providing a stimulating, fulfilling environment for our valued staff. Our goal is to deliver outstanding customer value by pushing the boundaries of steel detailing. One way we accomplish this is to give our employees creative latitude and superlative training, then free them to pursue excellence in their work on their own terms. That’s just one unique path we follow to deliver customer value. Others include:

  • Continuous improvement: with the stated goal of increasing the efficiency of project delivery

  • Extensive training: 15% of profits are reinvested in training

  • Optimization: every design is meticulously adapted to client needs & realities

  • Rigorous quality assurance: knowledgeable employees and innovative procedures to ensure reliable deliverables

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