Comprehensive, detailed plans

Commitment to quality

Our commitment to quality and to the delivery of successful projects has guaranteed us 90% repeat business by AISC certified fabricators.

We stand out because of:

  • Our flexibility allows us to accommodate specific client needs on short notice
  • Our ability to provide immediate support to shop and site
  • Our availability to quickly adapt to different project teams
  • Our in-house licensed engineers for most US states and all provinces in Canada.

And we can be connected anytime, anywhere on our own in-house cloud.

Cloud technology, worldwide access

Our projects are hosted on a state-of-the art "Cloud" service located in our Montreal office. This allows project teams members to access the native 3D model as well as any related data from virtually anywhere.

Some of the advantages of this breakthrough technology are that clients, engineers and architects can review and approved our work in real time.

Using the cloud, we can also provide our clients with after-hours support when required by connecting remotely.

We are continually improving and expanding our cloud networks to ensure recurrence and security of data to maintain outstanding customer support.

The team

The growing trends towards “Design-Build” and “Fast-Track” methods of construction have made it more important than ever the cooperation between team members to become concentrated. Successful steel project completion depends on the cooperative activities of all stakeholders. The owner, the architect, the engineer, the contractor, the fabricator, the detailer, the independent suppliers and the erector all play significant roles.

The detailer is one of the first to begin with providing successful steel projects and the erector is the last. Erector has the ultimate responsibility to assemble the structure. Any omissions or changes that occurred during the design and detailing phases must be rectified. At Jitech, we are committed to minimize the number of errors and omissions that may be passed to the erector.

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